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Meet Zen

Zen Yang

DRE #02069549

Working with Me
You will find I am honest, friendly, diligent, and an excellent communicator who provides well-thought out advice, while focusing solely on your needs. I am famous for being a tenacious negotiator. My intention is to make the process seamless for you.

My Team
I am part of a team of eight people between agents and staff, including several assistants who help us serve you-our clients. Our goal is to provide top notch service always.

How You Win
My partner and I, with over 40 years of experience, are well known in the real estate world. The knowledge, skill and experience we bring to the transaction is a huge benefit to you when competing against other offers or when preparing and selling your home.
We have developed a trusted resource list to help you be more successful, including loan officers, title, escrow, subcontractors, and more. Many of these relationships have been nurtured for decades.

In Addition
If you’re selling, ask us about bonuses you will receive. We include many items at no cost to you: a pest inspection, marketing, advertising, internet exposure, exposure to the staging, advertising around the world (no one does this), and many other items of value. We have developed several little-known techniques to sell your home for more than average.

At the close of escrow, we always give our clients the customary red envelope. It is our signature.

您会发现我是一个诚实、友好、勤奋、善于沟通的人,能提供仅针对您的需求深思熟虑的建议。我作为谈判者是出了名地顽强。 我的目的是为您做到无缝衔接。




如果您打算出售,请与我们咨询已得知您额外的获取什么。我们将为您提供许多免费服务: 虫检、营销、广告、网络曝光、分期曝光、全球广告(我们的独家服务)等诸多有价值的服务。我们已经研究出了多种鲜为人知的售房技巧,能够协助您以高于平均价的价格成功售房。